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If you are already looking for a nice engagement ring for your loved one, then you must be busy figuring out the designs as yet. The market these days is flooded with immense designs and styles of diamond jewelry. As much it is important to select a really stylish ring, it is important that you select the best quality of diamonds for the ring. An engagement ring is something which is going to be cherished forever by your partner. Therefore, make no compromises and learn more and more about the best quality diamonds.

Now the question arises that what are the factors that decide the quality of a diamond! well, to begin with, we would like to tell you that the quality of diamonds is decided on the basis of 4Cs- cut, cost, clarity, and carats.

Diamond cuts are one of the most crucial Cs that the round diamonds in the engagement rings sparkles beautifully all around and especially more when you put them in front of the light.

  1. Princess:

Another radiant most cut among various other diamond styles is princess cut diamonds. This cut ensures that there are very little wastage and maximum light reflection. The less wastage accounts for the fact that there can be two stones that can be carved out from the same diamond. This condition also makes princess diamond cuts to be lesser in price. As many classes and social sections of people can afford them princess cut diamonds have gained massive popularity in late years. One more feature of princess cut diamonds is that they appear bigger than their original size because of its cut and shape which is square. It is certainly one type of diamond that is going to be loved by your better half.

  1. Emerald:

People that have a taste in old yet classic, traditional yet elegant types of diamonds often choose emerald styles of diamonds. Its brilliance is lesser than other diamond types however its price is also reduced because of lesser sheen. You must check the design, the clarity and the carat while you go on to buy the beautiful piece of diamond cuts for a loved one.

  1. Cushion:

Do you love your soft, cozy cushions? Well, many of us do. And that leads us to another splendid style of diamond cuts i.e. cushion style diamonds. It has a square shape with rounded edges. The appearance is just like that of a pillow or calls it ‘cushion’ as the name goes by. It is one of the most picked diamonds for engagement rings for its shine and sparkle. It depicts excellent brilliance and classic radiance.

These are some of the most popularly known diamond cuts that we have brought for you. We hope you find the best one for your loved one.

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