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Look around and focus on women around you ― what do you see? Almost every woman you see has a bag that and an elegant women’s activewear brands. There are some who prefer handbags, shoulder bags, sling bags, and even backpacks. If you’re wondering why women can’t leave the house without a bag, this is because most women feel naked without one. There are a lot of things they put in there, you just don’t know.


For women, a bag is more than just a trend, it’s a necessity. Unlike men, women have a lot of things to bring other than a wallet, jumpsuits and rompers for women an of course phone and earphones. How about a phone charger, power bank, makeup, wet wipes, extra tampons or sanitary napkins, a brush and a hair tie? Well, you can say women are a bit high maintenance but they bring these things for emergencies as well. A night out after work is inevitable and they don’t wanna go out with the stress all over her face.


A bag says a lot about a person. Since fashion is a form of self-expression, women carefully choose their bag because it represents them ― their taste, status, and fashion sense. When you see a woman wearing an all black jumpsuit, a cute silver necklace and amazon sterling silver earrings paired with a sleek handbag, you’d probably think she’s a woman in control plus having a fashion dog with her whose items can be bought in some pet Supplies Online Store.


A woman’s bag is a part of her outfit. It completes her look of the day and some feel awkward without holding a bag with them. Sometimes, it’s what makes them stand out from a crowd. If they choose right, the bag will do all the talking. If a woman goes to an all white event and tries to pull off an all white outfit ― like an elegant one piece jumpsuit and white ankle strap sandals ― all it takes is one bright red handbag to turn heads her way. You know what they say, “life is too short to wear boring handbags”!


A bag is one of the fashion items that a woman should also invest in. Other than serving its main purpose of where people could put their stuff in, it completes one’s look and most importantly, it represents the person bringing it. It represents you ― your bag is you.

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