5 Kinds of Bikini Tops for Small Busted Girls by admin November 03, 2018 0 News

When it’s time for the sun to shine its brightest rays upon us, there’s that strong urge to go crazy on bikini shopping for all the beach days coming up. In just a snap, all the swimwear brands suddenly put out all the hottest bikinis that will awaken your inner shopaholic. There are crochet bikinis, Hawaiian-prints, abstract designs, halter tops, bandeau, etc.


With all these overwhelming bikini styles and designs, we often forget what suits us best and what doesn’t flatter our bodies. Wearing bikinis means exposing way more skin than usual as we take a dip in the pool or sea, and stripping down to just a bikini means that many people could easily just take a glimpse of what we cover everyday.


One of the problems that women often encounter is not having a big bust. We’re all about loving and accepting all body types but it’s undeniable that the scrutiny and expectations of society from women left imprints in our head. It may be something we cannot control, but there are some things we could do about that. Here are 5 kinds of bikinis for girls with small bust.

Padded/Push up Bikini Top – Give your little coconuts a little push to get that full look. The pads and the underwire greatly help in giving the illusion that you have bigger boobs. Plus, they look good in pictures!

Ruffles – Make your beachwear more interesting with ruffles! This playful detail distracts anyone who lays their eyes on you and will not focus on your small bust, but will compliment you instead! Ruffles are also good at adding volume to a plain bikini.

Bandeau – Similar to push up bikini tops, your coconut needs a little help to appear bigger than they really are. Bandeaus can give it a little squeeze and boom, you have a cleavage more real than your drawn eyebrows. Just kidding.

Triangles – Don’t be afraid to go for padded triangle tops! Usually they are attached to you with strap strings that tie around your back and around your neck making it look alluring. They have less fabric which is said to be better at enhancing one’s curves.

Halter Top – This is a style complementary to all body types, they say. It highlights your sexy shoulders and supports your bust securely. A halter top has a coverage that extends to the side and up your neck so you need not worry about one of them peeking out (or worse, falling out). Be careful with string bikinis though, they can be tricky.


There you have it, the five types of bikinis to make your bust look bigger. The next time you shop, keep this in mind and you will surely be looking like a bombshell in the beach. Boost your ego a bit and grab a surfboard you could hold as you run a few meters on the shoreline like those Baywatch girls! No doubt all eyes will be on you. Have a happy summer!

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